This tutorial is for the Everdrive V3 Krikzz or Chinese clone
BE CAREFUL, krikzz's OS V2 Firmware will brick ALL Chinese clones, even some Everdrive made in Krikzz

1 - Everdrive MD V3 bricked!

You tried to update your Everdrive MD V3 with OS V2 from krikzz and you had this red screen:


Here you are now with an Everdrive that no longer works! It is bricked!
Despite a return to OS V1 & access to the everdrive menu, just after loading the ROM of a game it is a black screen.
Your everdrive will be able to play master system games without any problem. But no more Megadrive / Genesis roms...


2 - Why my everdrive is bricked

Krikzz has put a security system on OS V2 for everdrive MD V3, which makes clones unusable!
Yes, it is krikzz's desire to destroy the clones!

Even some official Krikzz everdrive were affected!

Here is a snippet of the OS V2 source code:



Don't panic, we've found out how to fix your Everdrive!

3 - How to unbrick the Everdrive V3?

The krikzz OS V2 modifies the code contained in the flash memory of your Everdrive.
To be able to unbrick it, we will have to reflash the everdrive flash memory to restart the loading of the Megadrive ROMs.


4 - Reinstall OS V1 on your SD card

To re-install OS V1:

1 - Format your SD card in "FAT32" format
2 - Create a new folder named "EDMD" at the root of your SD card
3 - Copy the OS V1 "MSDOS.BIN" in the EDMD folder (available for download HERE)


5 - Reflash the flash memory of your everdrive

OS V1 is in your SD card, however your everdrive's flash memory is still bricked.

We will therefore have to reflash this flash memory.
To do this, open your cartridge to gain access to the circuit board.

Locate the flash memory which is named "M29W640".
Now you have to desolder it, we recommend that you use a hot air station to do this!


Once the operation is successful, we are going to need a programmer.

We recommend the "TL866 minipro" programmer, but any adapter taking into account the SST39VF040 chip will do.

To properly reflash your everdrive, you will need an uncorrupted dump:
You'll find it here


Then flash your memory using your programmer:



 Resolder the flash memory on the print circuit:


And enjoy the megadrive game library on your everdrive which has recovered all its functions!

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