La Net Yaroze

Sony Playstation Net Yaroze


The Net Yaroze is a development kit for PlayStation released in 1996.

Aimed at amateur developers, it was first marketed in Japan, then in Europe and the United States for a price of $ 750.

Similar to its big sister PlayStation, the Net Yaroze touches a matte black dress with a different texture.

It has an additional function compared to the standard PlayStation which allows to test Homemade games created directly on the PC thanks to the software delivered with the kit net yaroze (DTL-S3030 for the Japanese version and DTL-S3035 for the US version or PAL ).

The Net Yaroze has the ability to play Japanese games (NTSC-J), American games (NTSC-U), European games (PAL) and another additional format that we will see below.

To test your achievements, a transfer of data from the PC to the Net Yaroze is necessary, it is at this time that the hardware part of the Net Yaroze takes all its importance.

The Net Yaroze Kit includes a serial link cable (DTL-H3050), a "Access Card" dongle externally identical to a black color memory card (DTL-H3020), and a bootable CD that enables communication between the device. PC and the Net Yaroze.

Pack câble de communication et Access Card Net Yaroze

The Kit also includes operating and reference manuals (DTL-D3060, DTL-D3070 and DTL-D3090) as well as two machine-matched joysticks (DTL-H3010).

Kit Developpement Net Yaroze

The Net Yaroze is released under three different references:

DTL-H3000 : Japanese Yaroze Net Console (NTSC-J), 110V Power Supply

DTL-H3001 : American Net Yaroze Console (NTSC-U), 110V Power Supply

DTL-H3002 : European and Australian Net Yaroze Console (PAL), 230V power supply


The Net Yaroze kit includes:

DTL-H3000 (JAP), DTL-H3001 (US) or DTL-H3002 (PAL): "Net Yaroze" system (Black Playsation) 
DTL-H3010: Two PlayStation black game controllers matt 
DTL-H3020: "Access Card" black 
DTL-S3030 (JAP) or DTL-S3035 (US and PAL): Boot CD for Net Yaroze 
DTL-S3040 (JAP) or DTL-S3045 (US and PAL): A development CD for PC CD-ROM (SDK) 
DTL-H3050 -> Communication Cable 
DTL-D3060 -> Start Up Guide 
DTL-D3070 -> User's Guide 
DTL-D3090 -> Library Reference

 Net Yaroze VS PlayStation

Net Yaroze and PlayStation are different in color and texture.

Net Yaroze is black with a slightly rough coating against the PlayStation which is gray with a rather smooth coating.

The Net Yaroze is free zone, it allows to read all the strange games when the PlayStation is zoned by region (NTSC-J, NTSC-U or PAL).


To have the best comparison possible, we compared a Net Yaroze to a PlayStation released at the same time (there have been many versions of PlayStation), so we named the PlayStation first revision of the PlayStation: the SCPH-1002.

Both consoles share the same motherboard: the PU-8, but some components are different.


Carte mère Net Yaroze PU-8

The component that differentiates the Net Yaroze from the PlayStaion is the MECHACON  (Mechanism Control).

Against all received ideas, the bios is not specific to the console Net Yaroze ! It's identical to a classic PlayStation!


For the rest, the Net Yaroze is identical to a Playstation SCPH-1002 (Power supply, optical block ...)



Boot CD Net Yaroze and MechaCon

In order to communicate with our PC, the net Yaroze needs to switch to communication mode and must be able to execute code coming from the PC.

For this Boot CD Net Yaroze is essential.


CD Boot Net Yaroze DTL-S3035

US ou PAL version
Disk Boot Net Yaroze JAP

Japanese version




But why not use the Net Yaroze cd boot in a PlayStation?

Because the Boot Net Yaroze CD does not work on a standard PlayStation!


A little explanation about the safety of PlayStation discs is needed:

A PlayStation is zoned in its geographic area and this region code is stored in the Mechcon:


SCEI = Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. = JAP Playstation Console

SCEA = Sony Interactive Entertainment America = Playstation USA console

SCEE = Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe = PlayStation Console EUR


A Net Yaroze is rezoned and has an additional xode region, it takes into account all the regions of the world plus a specific region to Net Yaroze:


SCEI = Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. = JAP Region

SCEA = Sony Interactive Entertainment America = Region USA

SCEE = Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe = Region EUR

SCEW = Sony Interactive Entertainment World = Net Yaroze Region


On each PlayStation CD, the region code is written on a portion of the CD that only the PlayStation or Net Yaroze is able to play (which makes it impossible to copy a PlayStation disc). Net Yaroze does not play CD-R or Backup type burned games.

Depending on the type of Mechacon the console will accept the CD or not.


The Boot CD of the Net Yaroze has a region code " SCEW ", so there is only Net Yaroze who can read it!


MechaCon : Mechanism Control Net Yaroze PlayStation




Sony has created a security dongle that locks the use of Boot Net Yaroze CD: "Access card"

Access Card Net Yaroze   Face arriere Access Card Net Yaroze


This is the second security of the Net Yaroze.
Because of the modchip or CHIP available on the market, Sony has locked the Boot Net Yaroze CD to avoid being hacked.


The dongle is placed in slot memory card 1, when the boot CD, it will check if the dongle is present.


If the net access card yaroze is present the program of the boot CD activates communication with the PC, otherwise it ends the program!


PCB Circuit Access Card Net Yaroze


The serial communication cable "DTL-H3050"

To communicate with the PC, the Net Yaroze uses a connection close to the RS232 communication. the difference is just a reversal of logical levels and a different voltage level.
In order to communicate, we must therefore use a reference communication cable "DTL-H3050".

 It connects to the "Serial" port of the Net Yaroze and to the serial port of the PC.


 SDK Sony Net Yaroze

The SDK for developing your creations on Net Yaroze is included in the Net Yaroze kit (DTL-S3040 for the JAP version and DTL-S3045 for the US and PAL version).

Everything happens in DOS system, but with the software « SIOCONS » translate «Serial Input Output CoNnectionS » which loads a memory your program on your Net Yaroze.


Part number DTL-H Net Yaroze 

DTL-H3000 -> Net Yaroze JAP
DTL-H3001 -> Net Yaroze US
DTL-H3002 -> Net Yaroze PAL
DTL-H3010 -> Controller Net Yaroze
DTL-H3020 -> Access Card
DTL-S3035 -> CD BOOT PAL/NTSC-US pour la console
DTL-S3040 -> CD SDK JAP pour le PC
DTL-S3045 -> CD SDK PAL/NTSC-US pour le PC 
DTL-H3050 -> Link Serial Net Yaroze
DTL-D3060 -> Start Up Guide JAP
DTL-D3065 -> Start Up Guide ENG
DTL-D3070 -> User's Guide JAP
DTL-D3075 -> User's Guide ENG
DTL-D3090 -> Library Reference JAP
DTL-D3095 -> Library Reference ENG